BGONTHESCENE video- second death

00:00:04- As voices yell "Get that dude" and "bust him" Kyles light jog turns into a panicked run as multiple members of this vigilante justice mob begin to attack him repeatedly. He makes no attempt to attack them back but tries to dodge their attacks.

00:00:11- Kyle falls to the ground, reason unknown, as multiple attackers pile on him. One kicking him in the face. as he is kicked his gun goes off twice, missing the attacker.

00:00:15- Anthony M Huber swings his skateboard into Kyle's head, momentarily he loses control of the weapon which is when Anthony tries to grab the weapon himself, the strap holds it to Kyle's body and the force of pulling it away causes it to point directly at Anthony's chest when it goes off, reason unknown. This wound would turn out to be fatal

00:00:18- Gaige Grosskreutz stops his chase for a moment and holds up both hands, feigning surrender. Kyle can be seen to lower his weapon. In the below video, when slowed down. Gaige clearly then raises his own gun to Kyle's head, Kyle quickly fires a Single shot directly into Gaiges right bicep, causes his hand to involuntarily grip the gun as his phone falls

00:00:22- Kyle then Quickly and calmly rises to his feet and continues his walk to the police, which was likely because with the police forming a blockade they would be faster to respond than a 911 call if someone reached them on foot

00:00:30- 8 unknown bangs are heard and can also be heard on the third video on this page, giving us a cue to sync the videos with.

00:01:20- After proceeding calmly down the street for over a minute Kyle adjusts his weapon and raises his arms to show the cops he is no threat. He then begins trying to get help for those shot. As he does the cops repeatly tell him to leave, get out of the road, get out of the way. As the crowd yells the he just shot someone