KENOSHA PROTESTS AUGUST 25TH 11:20 pm - CakeAndBirds

This is the CakeAndBirds video which shows an additional half hour earlier than VIDEO 4 the end of this video the phrase "Black Lives Matter" is being chanted in a distinctive way which can be matched up to 1:43:55 of VIDEO 4

00:08:49- Kyle can be heard saying "Medical, EMF right here" which he also says clearly in [[2]] giving an audio cue to sync the videos to

00:08:55- Kyle requests cover so he can attended to the injured and calls out that if anyone else needs help they can receive help from him

00:22:28- A woman's voice can be heard yelling "They're on there laughing at us", the same voice can be heard in [[14]] giving us a time cue to sync the videos

00:24:34- Joseph Rosenbaum can be heard getting into a verbal altercation off screen yelling "Shoot me nigga" multiple times in an identical fasion to [[7]] giving an audio cue to sync the videos to

00:29:23- Kyle can be heard yelling off screen "Anybody need medical" and continues to be heard for some time while the camera moves, indicating he is walking around. This is verified when he next appears on screen in VIDEO 4

00:32:00- "Black Lives Matter" begins being chanted loudly which bleeds into VIDEO 4 the two videos establishing more than an hour of unbroken footage to sync videos to preceeding the event