Kenosha Wisconsin Night III - Facebook Feed - YouTube

A long video which has not been fully reviewed, if you have anything to point out in this video please email me

03:03:33- A dumpster can be heard rolling into view, already alight with flames, acting quickly the men in frame put it out dispite rumors the person who put it out was not Kyle, and in fact I have seen no video that he's even near the gas station at this time.

03:04:06- A young woman's voice can be heard yelling obsenities both in this video and in VIDEO 4 giving us a cue to sync the videos

03:05:00- An unidentified man is seen moving around with a firearm recklessly, some would later suggest this was Kyle however his outfit is entirely different

03:07:56- An unidentified male voice can be heard saying "burn the police station not the city"