Facebook video- Source Unknown

Another long video which has not been thoroughly reviewed, if you have anything to add please email me

01:09:00- People are seen in the parking lot of a car dealership smashing windows with poles and rocks

01:09:22- Kyle is seen walking to the dealership to protect it right as he is being attacked, pulls a 'juke' move and then runs into the parking lot, persued by Joseph Rosenbaum

01:09:28- Joseph throws a plastic bag, seen earlier in VIDEO 7 and not a molotov as rumored

01:09:31- An initial gunshot is heard, this gunshot can also be heard clearly in VIDEO 9 giving us an audio cue to sync the videos

01:10:05- A voice cries out "You shoulda mind yo[ur own] business"(sic)

01:10:20- The camera holder calls out "cranium that boy", a call to action with intent to do bodily harm which Kyle would have been close enough to hear