Facebook video- Gaige Grosskreutz

This video was obtained from Gaige Grosskreutz personal facebook feed the complete video has not been obtained

00:00:08- Gaige sees Kyle and asks "Hey what are you doin? You shot somebody?"

00:00:11- Kyle responds as he lightly jogs, "I'm going to get the police, [unintelligible]"

00:00:17- Gaige, despite having been a block away during the shooting and having admitted to not knowing what happened then issued a call to action "Hey stop him!" and proceeded to draw a gun which he admitted to be intending to use.

00:00:33- A voice can be heard yelling out "Get his ass!" the same voice can be heard on VIDEO 11 and gives us a cue to sync the two

00:0040- The phone is suddenly dropped on the ground, as seen in VIDEO 12 this is when he was shot, facebook filters noise and probably cut the sound of the gunshots