Reporter video- Source unknown

00:00:00- An initial gunshot is heard and to the left of the screen just above a black drunk a flash and puff of smoke appears, Kyle who was being chased by someone twice his age who expressed intent to do bodily harm could have taken this as having come from Joseph Rosenbaum and acted to defend himself, only to realize Joseph didn't have the gun

00:00:04- Joseph reaches Kyle and grabs for him, Kyle quickly turns and fires an unknown number of rounds, the number obscured due to the other bangs heard during this time

00:00:32- Kyle can be seen on his phone, reportedly calling a friend. At this time several voices begin calling out "get that mother fucker", at which point kyle turns to run, and then is heard saying "I just killed somebody"

00:00:49- Richard McGinnis is aided by bystanders in an attempt to save Joseph's life, unaware the the lethal wound is on his back and not his head. A cellphone can be seen with the time as 11:49, with this video synced to the timeline this gives us an approximate time for everything linked