LIVE- Protests over Black man shot by police continue in wisconsin

The ruptly video showing the point of view mostly from the perspective of the gas station

This video catches kyle walking around asking if people need medical aid and being separated by the police

Due to it's length and the fact that it catches the sound of gunshots and people chanting "Black Lives Matter" it can be used to pinpoint the exact time of several other videos by syncing the audio

1:44:00- "Black Lives Matter can be heard, first a woman chanting and then many male voices, the timing and pitch can be used with the end of VIDEO 4 to setup an hour long timeline for video syncing

1:51:00- Other members of the militia can be seen on the rooftop of one of the businesses being guarded, the cops move in here and block it off, cutting off Kyle

1:58:58- Kyle can be seen walking back down the street, towards the militia, he continously asks "Does anybody need medical?", this distinct call can be used in other videos to track kyles wereabouts at several points in other videos

2:00:00- Kyle walks back to the gas station and isn't seen for the next five minutes until the moment of the attack

2:05:20- Gunshots can be heard echoing out giving us a solid time to sync up [[9]]

2:06:58- Gunshots can be heard, giving a marker to sync up [[12]]